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Travel Awards for Angela Armento & Merve Sen

These 2 young PostDoc researchers from the Ueffing Lab from the Institute of Ophthalmic Research in Tübingen have been awarded at the 16th International Conference on Complement Therapeutics

The 16th International Conference on Complement Therapeutics in Loutraki, Greece, brought together leading experts and innovators from both academia and industry to share new data and discuss the latest developments in therapeutic design, clinical trials, and new aspects of complement-driven pathophysiology in emerging indications. The included topics among others were: Molecular mechanisms and targets in complement-related diseases and Neurological & ocular diseases. 

Dr Armento and Dr Sen have been awarded for the following presentations:

Investigating the impact of complement sources and Complement Factor H (CFH) Y402H polymorphism on the stress response of iPSC-RPE cells
Angela Armento, Inga Sonntag, Simon J Clark, Rosario Fernandez-Godino, Berta de la Cerda, and Marius Ueffing

Understanding the effects of ARMS2 and its AMD risk variant A69S on extracellular matrix and complement system
Merve Sen, Angela Armento, and Marius Ueffing

Congratulations !

From left: Angela Armento and Merve Sen obtaining the travel award, together the organizers and experts in the complement system field: Lubka Roumenina, Dimitrios Mastellos and John Lambris.

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