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Forschungsinstitut fuer Augenheilkunde

Research Management

The Research Management Unit at the Institute for Ophthalmic Research acts as a support giver, guidance on project management and service provider in the area of vision research and ophthalmology on a local, national and European level. One of its main tasks is to support its scientists on funding acquisition for their projects ideas.

We strive to create an environment where researchers can focus on their core work while we take care of the operational and strategic aspects of their efforts.

Together with the Institute for Ophthalmic Research' s direction we contributes to the institute's long-term strategic planning. By identifying emerging research areas, and assessing opportunities, we assist in shaping the institute's research agenda to remain at the forefront of scientific innovation. Finally we work to bridge the gap between researchers and the public by facilitating science communication efforts. Our Unit aims at supporting researchers in sharing their findings through various channels, enhancing the institute's reputation and societal impact