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Progress in Ophthalmic Research

The seminar “Progress in Ophthalmic Genetics and Pathophysiology of the Retina” will be replaced by a general “Progress in Ophthalmic Research” seminar (S08SOPH06), starting this winter term.

Since more groups will be involved, some changes are required, as summarized in the following:

  • The seminar will take place every Wednesday from 9:00 – 10:00 in the big lecture hall of HNO, Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 5.
  • The seminar primarily targets advanced MSc (only for their final report) and PhD students as well as postdocs. Of course, group leaders and advanced researchers are not strictly excluded, but this seminar is rather meant as an opportunity for early-stage researchers to report, practice talks and get feedback from a broad, friendly crowd.
  • Preferred presentation forms are:

    • final report of a MSc or PhD thesis
      (30 minutes; with the second slot preferentially left open for discussions, feedback etc.)
    • progress report
      (25 minutes; postdocs and advanced PhD students)
    • project presentation
      (25 minutes; preferentially postdocs, advanced researchers and PIs)

Please note:

  1. As long as the necessary distances are kept and mouth-nose masks are worn, you can participate in person in the lecture room. To keep the necessary distances, participants need to have at least two free seats (in a row) between them and only every other row is to be used.
    Alternatively, online participation is possible. To obtain Zoom access data please contact Thomas Euler or Sylvie Julien-Schraermeyer.
    Which option you choose is completely up to the participant!
  2. Because on-site lectures and seminars are currently not permitted, the seminar is held as the institute's weekly research meeting and not as an official seminar of the university.

Instructions for speakers:

  1. Please have the Zoom client already installed on the notebook you will use for your presentation. If you have questions about Zoom, please contact Thomas Euler. If for any reasons you cannot install Zoom on your notebook, please contact us such that we can provide a notebook for the session; in this case, have your talk either in the Cloud or on a USB stick.
  2. Please contact your fellow speaker of the session if it would be possible to share one notebook.

Map of the Buildings of the University Hospital Tübingen

Download the map of the buildings of the University Hospital (Hill Area) Tübingen as a PDF document [300 kByte]

Summer Term 2023 (S08S0PH06)

Wednesday 09.00 – 10.00/10.30, Universitätsklinikum Tübingen,

Last update 2023-09-25

May 2023
10.05.23 HNO HS + zoom Birgit Fritz, FR, AG Wahl
17.05.23 HNO HS + zoom    
24.05.23 HNO HS + zoom Maksymilian Onyszkiewicz, Guest Scientist, PR, AG Straßer  
31.05.23 HNO HS + zoom    
June 2023
07.06.23 CRONA B4-220 + zoom Katia Ihadadene, FR, AG Paquet-Durand  
14.06.23 HNO HS + zoom Gustav Halstrøm, FR, AG Schäffel
21.06.23 CRONA B4-220 + zoom    
28.06.23 HNO HS + zoom Tobias Peters, PP, Studienzentrale der Augenklinik
July 2023
05.07.23 HNO HS + zoom Pietro De Angeli, PR/PP, AG Wissinger Sara Faghihi, FR, AG Schnichels
12.07.23 HNO HS + zoom Alexander Neugebauer, FR, AG Wahl
19.07.23 CRONA B4-220 + zoom Nadine Dyszkant, PR, AG Euler Diana Gottschalk, FR, AG Wahl
26.07.23 CRONA B4-220 + zoom Sabrina Schmid, PR, AG Wissinger Sophie Stürmer, PR, AG Haq
summer break till 13.09.2023
September 2023
13.09.23 HNO HS + zoom Arturo Flores-Tufino, PP, AG Wissinger Bowen Cao, PR, AG Ueffing
20.09.23 HNO HS + zoom ERM meeting, Tübingen
27.09.23 HNO HS + zoom Isabel Stehle, PR, AG Ueffing Ana Cristina Almansa Garcia, PR, AG Ueffing
October 2023
04.10.23 CRONA B4-220 + zoom Angela Armento, PR, AG Ueffing Merve Sen, PR, AG Ueffing
11.10.23 CRONA B4-220 + zoom Jie Yan, FR, AG Paquet-Durand Lucia Peiroten, PR, AG Haq

PR: Progress Report (1 slot); PP: Project Presentation (1 slot); FR: Final Report (2 slots)

Winter Term 2023/2024

Wednesday 09.00 – 10.00/10.30, Universitätsklinikum Tübingen,

Last update 2023-09-25

October 2023
18.10.2023 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Alexander Günter, PR, AG Seeliger Lan Wang, PR, AG Paquet-Durand
25.10.2023 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Katharina Rawnsley, FR med. Promotion, AG Wissinger  
November 2023
08.11.2023 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom    
15.11.2023 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Sandra Wagner, PR, AG Strasser/Wagner Fredrike Adams, PR, AG Schnichels/Adams
22.11.2023 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Safety instruction, Regine Mühlfriedel (German)
29.11.2023 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Safety instruction, Karsten Boldt (English)
December 2023
06.12.2023 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Shiying Zhao, PR, AG Julien-Schraermeyer/Clark  
13.12.2023 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Molly Lin, PR, AG Schnichels/Adams  
20.12.2023 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom    
January 2024
10.01.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom José Hurst, PR, AG Schnichels  
17.01.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom    
24.01.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Agnes Fietz, FR, AG Schnichels
31.01.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Cristina Soldini, PR, AG Haq  
February 2024
07.02.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom    
14.02.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom    
21.02.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom    
28.02.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Yasaman Pourdakheli, PR, AG Schnichels/Adams  
March 2024
06.03.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Felix Hoffmann, PR, AG Ueffing Tina Beyer, PR, AG Ueffing
13.03.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Salome Spaag, FR Masterarbeit, AG Wissinger  
20.03.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Emma Dosmar, PR, AG Schnichels  
27.03.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Wadood Haq, PR, AG Haq  
April 2024
03.04.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom    
10.04.2024 FIA Besprechungsraum 2.313 + zoom Pietro De Angeli, PR, AG Wissinger  

PR: Progress Report (1 slot); PP: Project Presentation (1 slot); FR: Final Report (2 slots)