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Forschungsinstitut fuer Augenheilkunde

Progress in Ophthalmic Research

The seminar “Progress in Ophthalmic Research” seminar (S08SOPH06), starting this winter term, will take place under a Hybrid format (in-person and on-line):

  • will take place every Wednesday from 9:00 – 10:00 in the Institute for Ophthalmic Resaerch / Forschungsinstitut für Augenheilkunde in Room 2.330, Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str.5. Please find a preliminary schedule here below
  • primarily targets advanced MSc (only for their final report) and PhD students as well as postdocs. Of course, group leaders and advanced researchers are not strictly excluded, but this seminar is rather meant as an opportunity for early-stage researchers to report, practice talks and get feedback from a broad, friendly crowd.
  • Preferred presentation forms are:
    • final report of a MSc or PhD thesis
      (30 minutes; plus discussions, feedback etc.)
    • progress report
      (25 minutes; postdocs and advanced PhD students)
    • project presentation
      (25 minutes; preferentially postdocs, advanced researchers and PIs)

Please note:

Online participation is possible. To obtain Zoom access data please contact  Thomas Euler or Sylvie Julien-Schraermeyer.
Which option you choose is completely up to the participant!

Instructions for speakers:

  1. Please have the Zoom client already installed on the notebook you will use for your presentation. If you have questions about Zoom, please contact Thomas Euler. If for any reasons you cannot install Zoom on your notebook, please contact us such that we can provide a notebook for the session; in this case, have your talk either in the Cloud or on a USB stick.
  2. Please contact your fellow speaker of the session if it would be possible to share one notebook.

Map of the Buildings of the University Hospital Tübingen

How to get here? Please, click this link.

Summer Term 2024 (S08S0PH06)

Wednesdays from 9:00 – 10:00/10:30 // in the Institute for Ophthalmic Research / Forschungsinstitut für Augenheilkunde (FIA) // in Room 2.330, Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str.5.

PR: Progress Report (1 slot); PP: Project Presentation (1 slot); FR: Final Report (2 slots)
Last update 18.03.2024

spring break till 15.05.2024
May 2024
15.05.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomNathalie Zgoda Master student, PP, AG Clark 
22.05.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoom  
29.05.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoom  
June 2024
05.06.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoom  
12.06.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoom  
19.06.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoom  
26.06.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomMeike Tauber, PR, AG Wissinger 
July 2024
03.07.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomSven Schumayer, PR, AG StraßerCatherine Hottin, PP, AG Paquet-Durand
10.07.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomAzdah Fallatah, PP, AG Paquet-Durand 
17.07.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomJiaqi Tang, PR, AG Clark 
24.07.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomSeán Boyle, PR, AG SchnichelsSophie Stürmer, PR, AG Haq
Artificial vision: Glutamatergic stimulation of the degenerated retina
31.07.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomBowen Cao, FR, AG Ueffing
summer break till 11.09.2024
September 2024
11.09.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomAna Cristina Almansa Garcia, PR, AG UeffingNidhi Manojkumar, PR, AG Paquet-Durand
Role of branched-chain amino acid metabolism in retinal degeneration
18.09.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomJosé Hurst, PR, AG SchnichelsCristina Soldini, PR, AG Haq
25.09.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomShibu Antony, FR, AG Ueffing
October 2024
02.10.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomArturo Flores-Tufino PhD student, PR, AG Wissinger
Correcting Mis-splicing in ABCA4 c.768G>T Variant: A CRISPR-Based Therapeutic Strategy for Stargardt Disease
Nathalie Smeets, PR, AG Schnichels
09.10.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomYu Zhu, FR, AG Paquet-Durand
Role of cGMP-signalling in photoreceptor degeneration in the RhoI255del mouse model for autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa
16.10.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoom  
23.10.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomNiclas Köppl, FR, master student, AG Clark
30.10.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomDamla Ayyildiz, FR, master student, AG Clark
November 2024
06.11.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoom  
13.11.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoom  
20.11.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomSafety instruction (German)
27.11.24FIA Besprechungsraum 2.330 + zoomSafety instruction (English)