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Forschungsinstitut fuer Augenheilkunde

Foundation for basic research in Ophthalmology

Research Topics

The foundation for basic research in Ophthalmology is affiliated to the Division of experimental research. The main founders are the Dr. Ernst und Wilma Mueller foundation and the Henning Zuegel Foundation. The topics of the foundation are based on the optical measurement inside the eye.

The main goal of that work is the individual 3-dimensional visualization of the patient´s eye.

Placido Topometer

A first result was the development of a new Placido Topometer which is commercialized by an industriual partner. It is the first time that Intra Ocular lenses can be calculated by Real Ray-Tracing (RRT). In a new version the placid topometer will be combined with an optical biometer. It is based on the PCI Technology (Partial Coherence Interferometry). The advantage of this new development is the easy use to perform an individual intra ocular lens calculation. It is independent on the older empiric formulas.

Further Topics

Another topic is the development of new optical methods to get access of the eye length. One new technology is the use of the so called spectral domain technology which makes the measurement faster and easier. The newest technology is the use of Swept Source lasers. For this technology only a few systems are available. They are expensive and not usable for the optical biometry. Therefore new laser sources have to be developed.

The latest development is a new pupilometer. The unique setup using two independent cameras allows the “RAPD” measurement. The device was developed in cooperation with an industrial partner.