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Forschungsinstitut fuer Augenheilkunde

Neuroprotection & Drug Delivery

Schnichels Lab - Introduction & Research Topics

Drug and gene delivery is major challenge in ocular therapy. To overcome these challanges, we are developing drug and gene delivery vehicles by implementing carriers in nano- and microrange to improve the ocular uptake of drugs.

Protection of ocular neurons and improving the treatment of these cells by investigating underlying pathomechanisms and testing different therapy options is our second major topic.

By developing new organ culture models, we are actively contributing to the goal of reducing animal experiments by using alternative models to investigate disease mechanisms and to test our pirior mentioned novel therapeutic approaches.

In collaborations with pharma, bio- and medtech companies we also perform biocompatibility and efficacy testing for new drugs or medical devices. As a clinical research group we are also closely collaborating with the physicians working at the eye hospital to transfer research from bench to bedside.