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Neuroprotektion & Wirkstoff-Applikation

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Schnichels Lab

Our group is focusing on four main aspects:

  • In applying DNA-nanotechnology we have developed a drug delivery platform that can be combined with different kinds of drugs to improve their ocular uptake.
  • By developing new organ culture models, we are actively contributing to the goal of reducing animal experiments by using alternative models to investigate disease mechanisms and to test novel therapeutic approaches.
  • We are mainly focusing on improving the treatment of retinal ganglion cell (RGC) diseases by investigating underlying pathomechanisms of RGC death and testing different therapy options.
  • In numerous collaborations with pharma, bio- and medtech companies we also perform biocompatibility and efficacy tests for new drugs or medical devices.

As a clinical research group we are also closely collaborating with the physicians working at the eye hospital to transfer research from bench to bedside.